The stories are new, but the spirit is timeless in this hilarious sequel to the favorite holiday classic.

Ralphie and his friends Flick and Schwartz are about to turn 16, which means only one thing to the all-American teenager - and Ralphie has his heart set on a beauty of a car (not to mention a girl to go with it). Unfortunately, he wrecks it before it even leaves the lot, and he and his friends must find jobs to pay off the damage. Meanwhile, the Old Man (Daniel Stern) continues fighting his suburban war, while Randy plays soldier and Mother stands patiently by to clean up the battlefield.

Have new laughs with old friends in A Christmas Story 2 - 100% authentic family fun!


  • Daniel Stern

  • Braeden Lemasters

  • Stacey Travis

  • Valin Shinyei

  • David W. Thompson

  • David Buerhle

  • Gary Chalk


  • Writer: Nat Mauldin

  • Director: Brian Levant

  • Producer: Phillip B. Goldfine

  • Producer: Brian Levant


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